Trout Camp

Trout Camp is provided free of charge on Father’s Day weekend by Faith Outfitters and partner sponsors to make available a day of outdoor activities for kids without Dad’s or a positive male role model in their life and who otherwise are not able to experience the great outdoors.  Activities include a stocked trout pond, instructional archery range, instructional shooting range to learn safe gun handling and shooting skills with BB Guns, there is a casting course to hone their casting skills, a creek, campfire side lunch, and an amazing natural setting to take in. Activities are supervised and managed by experienced adults and instructors who are there to help the kids and make this a fun day to remember.  The kids that come to us for this event generally have challenges that are tough to deal with and in some cases just unimaginable for most of us to navigate especially as a kid. Boys and Girls range in age from 8-13 years old. We want these kids to know that the circumstances beyond their control don’t have to define who they are or what they can be.  We also want them to know that, just like the amazing volunteers at trout camp, there are people out there that will support them throughout their challenges as they grow up – seek those people out. When the day wraps up each angler can keep their cleaned catch and take it home for a fish fry.

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